User Friendly Design

Easy to use guard tour system that helps your team perform more effectively.

Real-time Data

Patrolling data automatically sent to the management center in real time

Incidents Report

Receives notifications on Real Time patrolling Incident and SOS notification

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i-Clocking is a real-time online guard tour system based on QR-code and RFID tags use. The staff scans tags placed on locations and the Monitoring Center gets informed in real-time about Scanned tags, incidents, Fault, and events. Any time a QR-code, RFID tag is scanned, the information is sent to the i-Clocking Web application via a cloud server. Facility managers can now analyze data and export multiple reports in real-time. All data can be viewed filtered by date range and status. All scheduled, overdue, missed, passed, and failed scans can be reviewed in real-time.

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Better Security Guard Tracking

Easy to Setup

Web Admin allows you to configure your system in minutes and Guard/Supervisor.

Sechdule Planing

Easy to set up of patrol schedules, set patrol routes, time range of guards.

Incident Reporting

Receives notifications on Real Time patrolling and Fault Incident notification.

No need to purchase Devices

Use your mobile as guard tour device. Install App and Use

Real-Time Data

Patrolling data automatically sent to the management center in real time.

SOS Alarm Function

One Click Send Alarm to All Gaurd and Supervisor it help you supervise.

Manage your security
Team from everywhere

Getting Data real-time and push notifications and Incident Reports and SOS Alert. Take advantage of smart phone and cloud technology,guard tour system

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